Winter Olympics 2022: Where Seehofer, since the majority

on November 11, 2013

Seehofer tells youth wing multiculturalism is dead - The Local

No one in the local Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the districts of Traunstein and Berchtesgaden, which was voted on the application had to feel constrained by the Prime Minister or even harassed. Greater the contrast of the citizens decide not fail: here Seehofer, who finds it wonderful when the citizens of the policies decrease the burden of deciding where his former challenger Ude, trying desperately to make sense of the fact that the same in all four municipalities and counties, the application has been rejected.

It should not have gone to the application concept, but "suddenly to general criticism" at the International Olympic Committee (IOC), speculates Ude. The request form has been spanned, "when suddenly the IOC is responsible for the Russian or Chinese policy." Quite so "suddenly" the citizen will, however, not developed to apply for the Winter Games Рwho umh̦rte before the referendums in the designated venues, which could not fail to notice that the Olympic enthusiasm not foamed.

Finally, the Bavaria was instilled in recent election campaigns of the CSU, they lived in a "premium" country, for spiritually attuned minds Horst Seehofer had even the turn of the gate ready to paradise where they stood. This message has been understood: a paradise does not need artificial snow slopes, of which plunge to the valley Olympic demigods. Needs no halls with artificial ice, can come on two runners to hang on the Olympic angels.

And needs no road tunnel to get from A to B as quickly as possible, in paradise one is already in the right place. As such, it might well be wise that the Bavarian Prime Minister, panting in front of the public decisions not in the Olympic Displaying of his country, of the Garmisch Olympic hill on the Ruhpolding Biathlon Stadium to the bobsleigh track at Koenigssee, but left it at statesmanlike words: "The Free State is fully behind the Munich's bid for the Olympics 2022. "

Ude and the SPD in Bavaria are only one side of the opposition Medal: Seehofer leaves with his finding that more citizens should decide the Greens run into a plebiscitary emptiness. Your group leader Ludwig Hartmann, very bad winners like yourself ever so much tap on the shoulder and own trumpet, his party had propped against an "alliance of rubber stamp" in the Diet from CSU, SPD and the liberal voters.

Hartmann may be still resonate so much anti-parliamentary resentment and fulminate against "the influence of interest groups politicians of the other parliamentary parties". And Hartmann matter how much stress, the Greens would have given a voice to the concerns of the majority: Seehofer will be one step ahead with its policy statement this Tuesday again. The grieving process over the outcome of decisions about citizens can Seehofer its small and large followers, including Josef Schmid, who is a candidate in the local elections in March in Munich for the office of mayor.

Schmid, otherwise more of a stoic disposition, it reveals a surprising tendency to Apocalypse: "Through the unacceptable citizens vote the Olympic flame has been extinguished in and for Munich and Bavaria!" On "not foreseeable future," it would "not the world's largest festival of peace in give Bavaria "is Schmid's gloomy prophecy. Former CSU Chairman Erwin Huber suggested the result of public decisions – in Munich, 52.1 percent of citizens voted against an application, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 51.6 percent, and 54.1 percent in Berchtesgaden in the Traunstein 59.7 percent – also eschatological. Additional information can be found clicking http://.